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Increased Security

Without Adding to Your Headcount.

Asylas offers customized information security and compliance solutions.
We fill any space where you have a need.

Focused Only on Security

Plenty of vendors offer information security services as an add-on to their primary business. You don’t have time to hear a sales pitch about services you don’t need. You have information security needs. Period. Asylas is only focused on security.

Relational Approach

Security firms are impersonal. You never know who you’re going to get when you call. Asylas chooses to be empathetic and relational in its approach to security. You’ll get to know us as well as we get to know you.

IT Friendly Firm

Your IT department can’t handle its current workload but you don’t have the budget for more full time staff. But IT is nervous about bringing in an outside vendor. Asylas is IT friendly and works in collaboration with your existing staff.

Secure Your Business Today

Request a free, no risk consultation.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Very detailed information that makes it easier to understand for someone not IT savvy. Great at answering questions that came up and offering options while considering our unique situation and environment. Liked that there were recommendations made and then explained on a critical to not-as-critical scale.

Entertainment Industry ClientSecurity Posture Assessment

Helpful, good advice in a high security risk time for businesses.

Financial Industry ClientSecurity Posture Assessment

The people at Asylas are courteous, professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. They are a true pleasure to work with and we hope to have cause to continue working together with them in partner on our IT security needs.

Healthcare Industry ClientSecurity Awareness Training

Extremely knowledgeable pen testers, very professional, excellent customer service, very detailed report and explanations.

Critical Infrastructure Industry ClientPenetration Test