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Asylas is proud to introduce our Basic Cybersecurity Assessment service, thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of organizations embarking on their cybersecurity journey.

Recognizing that the extensive scope of a comprehensive, framework-based Information Security Risk Assessment might not suit the immediate requirements of businesses just beginning their cybersecurity efforts, we’ve streamlined our service to focus on key cybersecurity fundamentals. This essential service is the cornerstone for establishing a robust cybersecurity framework, concentrating on pivotal areas such as vulnerability scanning, defense against ransomware, and protection from business email compromise (BEC), all while adhering to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) principles.

Service Highlights:


Streamlined Cybersecurity Evaluation:

Our Basic Cybersecurity Assessment provides a simplified yet impactful analysis, ideal for organizations aiming to implement foundational security measures effectively, without the intricacies associated with comprehensive frameworks.

Focus on Immediate Cyber Threats:

Targeting critical threats such as ransomware and business email compromise (BEC), along with insights derived from Vulnerability Scanning and findings from common penetration tests, our service equips you with actionable strategies to address the most pressing risks to your organization.

Adherence to NIST CSF Principles:

While our service offers simplicity for ease of understanding and application, it is firmly rooted in the principles of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, ensuring a scalable and adaptable foundation for enhancing your cybersecurity posture over time.

Customization to Fit Your Needs:

Acknowledging the varied cybersecurity challenges organizations face, our assessments are specifically tailored to address your unique requirements and threat environment, maximizing the relevance and impact of our recommendations.

Why Choose Asylas’ Basic Cybersecurity Assessment?

Designed for Emerging Security Programs:

Tailored to meet the specific needs of new or developing security programs, our service offers a balanced approach between comprehensive analysis and practical application, providing essential insights without overwhelming your team.

Lays the Groundwork for Comprehensive Security:

By delivering crucial initial steps in cybersecurity defense, our service offers guidance and recommendations that act as the foundation for a holistic information security program.

Guides Toward Security Maturity:

Insights from our Basic Cybersecurity Assessment are intended to navigate your organization towards the gradual integration of more sophisticated security measures, setting the stage for future compliance with extensive security frameworks.

Asylas’ Basic Cybersecurity Assessment service is a strategic and effective point of departure for organizations seeking to establish or enhance their information security program. By focusing on critical threats and adhering to established cybersecurity principles, we help lay a solid groundwork for your organization’s security measures. Contact Asylas today to start developing a secure, resilient cybersecurity posture uniquely tailored to your organization’s needs.

Choose Asylas for your cybersecurity needs, where your security is our top priority.

Our Information Security Risk Assessment, complemented by our comprehensive Cyber Risk Services, is engineered to offer you peace of mind, ensuring your business is resilient against the most significant cyber threats.

Contact Asylas today to fortify your digital security and safeguard your future.