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Asylas is a pioneer in Virtual CISO (vCISO) Managed Services, specifically designed to provide organizations of all sizes with access to premier executive cybersecurity leadership without the overhead associated with a full-time position

This service is crucial for businesses aiming to successfully navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape, formulate robust security strategies, and ensure adherence to evolving regulatory standards. Our vCISO offerings transcend the scope of conventional consultancy, delivering strategic guidance, policy creation, and all-encompassing cybersecurity program management to safeguard your digital assets and elevate your overall security posture.

Service Highlights:


Strategic Security Leadership:

Asylas appoints highly experienced cybersecurity professionals to act as your virtual CISO, offering strategic oversight and direction for your cybersecurity endeavors. This pivotal leadership role ensures that your organization’s security strategy is meticulously aligned with its business goals and risk tolerance.

Customized Security Program Development:

Utilizing profound industry knowledge, our vCISOs collaborate closely with your team to devise and implement a bespoke cybersecurity program. This program includes the development of policies, risk management frameworks, and incident response plans, all tailored to fit your organization's unique operational context.

Regulatory Compliance and Governance:

Our vCISO services are inclusive of expert guidance on navigating and conforming to pertinent cybersecurity regulations and standards, guaranteeing that your organization fulfills its compliance requirements while enhancing security governance practices.

Continuous Improvement and Reporting:

Asylas is committed to providing ongoing evaluation and reporting on the efficacy of your cybersecurity efforts, pinpointing opportunities for enhancement and promoting transparency with stakeholders. This cycle of continuous improvement is instrumental in the progressive advancement of your cybersecurity posture.

Why Choose Asylas for vCISO Services?

Access to Expertise:

Our vCISO services afford you the opportunity to engage with seasoned cybersecurity experts, boasting extensive experience in strategic security management, thus eliminating the necessity for a permanent executive appointment.

Tailored to Your Needs:

Acknowledging the diversity of security challenges and business aims, we render services that are precisely tailored to meet your specific demands, ensuring impactful and relevant cybersecurity leadership.

Proactive Cybersecurity Management:

With a vCISO from Asylas at your helm, your organization is empowered to proactively tackle cybersecurity challenges, remain ahead of potential threats, and consistently strengthen your security protocols.

Foundation for Secure Growth:

The strategic planning, policy formulation, and governance oversight facilitated by our vCISO services establish a robust foundation for secure business operations and enduring growth.

Asylas’ Virtual CISO (vCISO) Managed Services are meticulously crafted to endow organizations with the high-level cybersecurity expertise essential for navigating the current threat environment, developing effective security strategies, and upholding compliance with regulatory norms. By forming a partnership with Asylas, you secure not merely a service provider but a strategic partner devoted to boosting your cybersecurity stance and backing your business goals.

Choose Asylas for your cybersecurity needs, where your security is our top priority.

Our Information Security Risk Assessment, complemented by our comprehensive Cyber Risk Services, is engineered to offer you peace of mind, ensuring your business is resilient against the most significant cyber threats.