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Closing Out 2023: The Year in Memes

By December 13, 2023No Comments

It’s time once again for our favorite post of the year! Every December, we round up the best cybersecurity memes of the year. We think this is the perfect time to celebrate another year of fighting the good fight in the cybersecurity trenches. This job is not an easy one, and all of our readers and customers deserve a laugh. 

The Year That Was

Back in January, we made some predictions about the year to come. We anticipated more targeted, specific ransomware, with attackers growing more sophisticated and holding out for bigger scores like multi-national targets. We also predicted rising costs for cyber insurance and a growth in insider threats from disgruntled or fearful employees. 

Not all of our predictions came true (which is probably a good thing), but the year still held plenty to keep us on our toes. 

The W3LL gang made cybercrime-as-a-service one of the top stories of the year. Its underground marketplace gained traction by selling phishing kits that are powerful enough to bypass multi-factor authentication and designed to help even newbie hackers get into Microsoft 365 accounts. 

The exploitation of MOVEit’s zero-day vulnerability was the story of the summer. An estimated 340 organizations and 18 million individuals were caught up in the breach. The situation was incredibly complex, with some entities being accessed via third-, fourth-, and even fifth-party vendors. We’ll never look at vendor relationships the same way again. 

A record-setting DDOS attack hit Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Cloudflare over the course of August, September, and October. The large organizations were all able to fight off the attacks, which came at a peak of 398 million requests per second. But we haven’t heard the last of the HTTP/2 Rapid Reset Vulnerability. The trouble is that it’s more than just a bug–it’s a flaw in the fundamental standard. This flaw will require patches to virtually every web server around the world before it’s eradicated.

The Year to Come

It sounds like we’ll all have our work cut out for us in 2024 and beyond! If you would like to work with Asylas in the new year, please reach out. Call 615-622-4591 or email Or complete our contact form.

The following memes are our gift to you. We appreciate you and your business with Asylas. May your holidays be restful and your passwords be strong and unique!

The only person who checks on me every day is named Scam Likely.

Even security professionals want to reuse old passwords (but we don’t).

Gone phishin’

Just a regular day at the office…

Sure, yes, of course we’re compliant

It Starts With Mastering the Fundamentals

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