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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Every year, the campaign adopts a theme. This year’s theme is “See Yourself in Cyber.” While security seems like a daunting task, it ultimately comes down to individual people making smart decisions. But people can’t make smart decisions without education and awareness. To help spread awareness and to humanize the security space, Asylas is doing a special blog series in October. Each Wednesday, we’ll be sharing our favorite sources of information, from blogs to podcasts to individual hashtags and social media accounts. 

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is almost over. To round out our education campaign, we’re looking at one final way to “See Yourself in Cyber.” This one is for the auditory learners–we’re sharing our favorite podcasts. Check out the following pods and download them for all your travels around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. You’ll be ready for a new, more secure year in 2023. 

Darknet Diaries offers interesting stories that everyone (not just security nerds) will enjoy. If you liked Serial or Reply All, then you’ll definitely like this podcast. Host Jack Rhysider investigates noteworthy stories related to the darker side of the internet. Recent topics include the REvil ransomware service, cryptocurrency heists, and the video game cheating industry. The New York Times calls Rhysider’ narration “hypnotic” and praises the gripping results of his storytelling. 

Long-running podcast Risky Business covers a wide range of InfoSec topics with insight from the hosts, Adam Boileau and Patrick Gray, as well as fellow industry leaders. Each week they analyze the latest security stories and how they fit in with global trends. 

If you have time for a daily show, try CyberWire Daily. Host Dave Bittner analyzes the latest news and interviews a wide variety of experts from industry, academia, and research organizations. Episodes range in length from 10 to 30 minutes. Perfect for your commute (if you still have one). 

Paul’s Security Weekly gathers security nerds who talk shop and interview folks in the security community. Episodes are long, and they get very technical. Topics vary widely and the show takes a relaxed, conversational tone (hence the 2-hour plus runtime). 

For listeners short on time, SANS Internet Storm Center offers a 5-minute daily security news summary. Get the latest on patches, vulnerabilities, and trends with highly technical details. The Internet Storm Center (ISC) is run by volunteer “incident handlers.” They collect data, monitor trends, and issue warnings in the same manner as meteorologists forecast the weather.

We hope our series on all the ways to stay connected with cybersecurity news and trends has helped you “See Yourself in Cyber.” The world is a safer place when we all stay aware and do our part to make cyber criminals’ lives harder. 

If you hear something in a podcast or read something online that makes you aware of vulnerabilities in your business, reach out to Asylas for help at 615-622-4591 or Or complete our contact form.

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